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My whole family has been going to wing depot since they opened. And both of my parents has been in the restaurant business, my father opened three restaurants in Europe.

One night me and about 8 other friends decided to go and watch the game and get some wings. As we were finishing our food the ceiling started leaking. We kept our cool, wasn't a huge deal. We then said something to a waitress about the issue, she was extremely rude and said we could've asked for a booth instead.

After that we asked for a manager, when the 'manager' came out she was instantly rude. She basically told us that it was florida and we can sit in the heat if that's what we want. The owner came out and said he didn't appreciate how we were talking to them and KICKED US OUT telling us that we were no body and told us never to come back.

The 'manager' who is only the manager because her father owns the place went on to make a Facebook post about she runs a 1.3 million business and how she knows everything about the restaurant business.. Well your 1.3 million business can clearly afford a decent AC unit that isn't dripping freon in our food and your costumer service skills are lacking.

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Raritan, New Jersey, United States #1184464

Dripping "freon"??? Really?

That would be really, really cold air exiting the vent to keep freon liquified all the way from the condenser. It's a wonder you didn't get frostbite!


Logan Victoria Ann Lodge

7 hrs · Jacksonville, FL ·

The Arlington community,

First I would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have supported us in the Arlington community for over 11 years. I would now like to share some facts about WingDepot:


In 2012 875,000 in sales

2. In 2013 989,000 in sales +13% 3. In 2014 1.1 million in sales +15% 4. Projected sales in 2015 1.27 million +16% 5.

WingDepot sells over 10,000 wings a week 6. We now employ 15 full time employees (the most in our history) 7. On July 29, 2015 we were named #3 on the best wings in Jacksonville by the Jacksonville sun times Now for some facts about the restaurant business: 1. About 25% of all new restaurants close within a year 2.

About 45% of all restaurants close within 2 years 3. About 59% of all restaurants close within 3 years WingDepot is a family restaurant. If you are obnoxious, rude or tend to use foul language WingDepot is not the place for you. In regards to the video posted online: In over 3 years at our present location we have not had 1 complaint about condensation from our ac vents.

The group sitting at the table had already finished eating and cashed out at 9:03. At 9:12 they asked for the manager. My daughter then went to the table and they asked her if she was the manager then laughed at her. They informed her the ac vent was dripping.

She apologized and offered to move them to a different table. They then started mocking and laughing at her. At this time she asked them to leave. As they escalated their taunting, I (Tommy) went to the table and asked them to exit my restaurant.

One of the girls then told me "you don't know who I am" I replied, "no I don't nor do I care". They then started to disrespect the restaurant taunting us all the way out. We then went to our guest and apologized for the disruption caused by the group of young people. Every table we went to informed us that we have nothing to apologize for and was in disbelief at the actions of this group.

We will continue to provide a family friendly environment at WingDepot and look forward to serving the Arlington community for many more years.

This will be our only response. Tommy Lodge WingDepot sports grill S

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